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SAS Companion for the OS/390 Environment, Version 8

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ISBN: 158025523X
Издательство: Sas Inst
To learn about OS/390-specific aspects of the SAS System, this is your best resource. The usage section shows you how to perform common tasks such as allocating and accessing files, customizing your SAS session, and redirecting the SAS log and SAS procedure output. The reference portion describes SAS language features that are OS/390-specific or that have OS/390-specific aspects, such as system options, statements, and procedures. An applications section provides information about optimizing performance,using the SAS interfaces ISPF and REXX, and other topics of particular interest to SAS programmers and system administrators. This documentation is intended for users who are familiar with the SAS System, but who have not necessarily used the SAS System under OS/390. This title is available for purchase as a hardcopy or digital book, or in the SAS OnlineDoc CD-ROM with PDF files. The HTML version of SAS OnlineDoc CD-ROM is shipped free with Version 8. Supports releases 8.00 and...