Обложка книги SAS/MDDB Server Administrator's Guide, Version 8

SAS/MDDB Server Administrator's Guide, Version 8

ISBN: 1580255043;
Издательство: SAS Publishing

Discover how you can get the most from your decision support environment by getting multidimensional views of business data using multidimensional databases (MDDBs). This title provides SAS/MDDB Server Software administrators with the key facts they needto set up and maintain their MDDBs and to provide the most efficient and effective data resources for users' OLAP requirements. A detailed description illustrates the power of using MDDBs, and you are introduced to the storage, reporting, and performance benefits of SAS/MDDB Server software. Also, step-by-step instructions show how to create and update MDDBs from SAS data sets using a variety of methods. You will also learn how to use MDDBs most effectively in your enterprise and how MDDB benefits can be extended to include other SAS Software tools that make up your site's data mining and data warehousing business solutions. This title is available for purchase as a hardcopy or digital book, or in the SAS OnlineDoc CD-ROM with PDF...

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