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Jalal Feghhi, Jalil Feghhi

Secure Networking with Windows 2000 and Trust Services

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ISBN: 0201657783
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional
Another version of Windows, another way of thinking about security. Secure Networking with Windows 2000 and Trust Services explains how Windows 2000 interconnects users and resources, locally and across distances. With emphasis on extranets and virtual private networks (VPNs), this book is in large part an explanation of how to implement a public key infrastructure (PKI) with the services built into Windows 2000. In addition to providing a technically sound overview of Kerberos authentication and certificate management, the authors--two brothers who both specialize in PKI professionally--explain cryptography and IPsec, and show how to incorporate everything into various kinds of Windows 2000 networks. The Feghhis' approach is somewhat academic, with loads of endnotes and lots of diagrams depicting message contents and trust relationships. That's not to say that this approach isn't practical, because after all, any implementation of security services has to be based on an...