Обложка книги Sun StarOffice 5.1 for Windows

Sun StarOffice 5.1 for Windows

ISBN: 0761526935;
Издательство: Premier Press

Sun's StarOffice 5.1 is a powerful suite of programs that is ideal for use in small and home offices. Now available as a free download for Windows-based PCs, the integrated word processor, spreadsheet program, graphic and presentation programs, mail and news readers, event planner, and formula editor is completely compatible with Microsoft's Office. In Sun StarOffice 5.1 for Windows , you will get up to speed with the many features of the software without having to wade through pages of text and tedious instructions. The business-focused tasks help professional users get familiar with how to accomplish their everyday goals right from the start. In addition, the tips and troubleshooting tips are sure to put anyone at ease.

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