Обложка книги Teach Yourself Windows 95 VISUALLY

Teach Yourself Windows 95 VISUALLY

ISBN: 0764560018;
Издательство: Visual

What makes Windows 95 special is its graphical nature, so what better way to learn your way around this ubiquitous operating system than with Teach Yourself Windows 95 VISUALLY ? This step-by-step guide literally shows you how to perform all essential Windows 95 tasks -- from launching applications and printing documents to logging onto the Internet or your company's network when you're on the road. As with all titles in the Teach Yourself VISUALLY series, Teach Yourself Windows 95 VISUALLY features plain-English explanations and instructions, along with maranGraphics' renowned illustrations to show you exactly where to click, double-click, and drag-and-drop -- all those things that are supposed to be intuitive.

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