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Michael B. Shebanek

The Complete Guide to the Nextstep User Environment (The Electronic Library of Science)

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ISBN: 0387979565
Издательство: Telos
The Complete Guide to the NeXTSTEP User Environment is a book/diskette combination describing the advanced, object-oriented NeXTSTEP User Environment for NeXT and Intel-based computers. It is intended for those who already own a computer running NeXTSTEPand want to quickly learn what it can do, and how to get the most out of it with the least effort. It's also for those who are considering the purchase of NeXTSTEP but want to learn more about how it works. This is not just a "getting started" manual, but a book that describes how to make NeXTSTEP work for you. It provides numerous tips and tricks, shortcuts and commentary, and is written to make you feel as if you are sitting next to a veteran who can guide you through the NeXTSTEP user environment and steer you away from common pitfalls. Inside you not only learn about the NeXTSTEP User Environment, but also about the many applications bundled with it such as Draw, Edit, PrintManager, FaxReader, Digital Librarian, and more! There's...