Обложка книги The Mac OS X.2 Power User's Book

The Mac OS X.2 Power User's Book


ISBN: 1932111808;
Издательство: Paraglyph Press

Mac OS X is a Unix-based operating system designed for superior performance and networking power. The Mac OS X.2 Power User?s Book uses networking techniques, configuration tips and insight, Unix commands, and AppleScript to show users and networking administrators how to harness the real power of Mac OS X.2 (Jaguar) to setup small networks and automate critical tasks. Some of the hot topics covered include setting up OS X security, secrets of setting up successful networks, techniques of network booting, setting up administration software like Samba under Mac OS X Server, using Mac OS X server, automating repetitive tasks with AppleScript, and setting up mail and Web servers. The book is organized by topic, focusing on those used regularly by powerusers and administrators. The Mac OS X.2 Power User?s Book presents critical network techniques, AppleScript features, and UNIX commands important to power users and administrators. This is the ideal book for any OS X users who...