Обложка книги UNIX Weekend Crash Course(tm)

UNIX Weekend Crash Course(tm)


ISBN: 0764549278; 9780764549274;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Focus: This book consists of 30 sessions that teach the core concepts of UNIX over a weekend. It focuses on the standard core UNIX OS and teaches the basics needed to perform system administration and programming in the UNIX environment. It focuses on the common aspects among the different flavors (or types) of UNIX, noting the important differences throughout. Topics covered include the many flavors of UNIX; manipulating files; writing shell scripts; batch editing and programming with awk; Perl programming; Apache Web Server; and Internet security. WCC series features: Each session takes 30 minutes to complete. Four time-to-go icons ("30 Min To Go," "20-min To Go," "10 Min To Go," and "Done!") gauge the reader's progress through any given session."Quiz Yourself" questions (at the end of each session) and "Part Review" questions allow the reader to review what they have just learned. Skill assessment software on the CD-ROM helps readers gauge their skill level before and after...