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Barry Slawter

Windows 98: A Strategic Evaluation

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ISBN: 1566070589
Издательство: Computer Technology Research Corporation
As Microsoft technology approaches the millennium, the company is releasing a new version of its Windows operating system (OS) - Windows 98. The enormous amount of speculation and hype surrounding this release - and the release of Windows NT 5.0 - can complicate an information technology (IT) manager's implementation decision. CTR's report presents an unbiased evaluation of the Windows 98 OS and the capabilities it offers the enterprise. The new features of Windows 98 are examined, and Web browsing,networking, management, and security issues are discussed. The report includes a detailed listing of the features new to Windows 98, including improved network administration, Internet Explorer (IE) 4.0 integration, and the expanded use of the hard drive through FAT32. The report also analyzes the features from Windows 95 that have been improved, and compares the features of Windows 98 to those that will be available in Windows NT 5.0. An in-depth explanation of why each new...