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Peter Varhol

Windows Nt 5.O: Microsoft's Nt Strategy for Enterprise Information Systems

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ISBN: 1566070600
Издательство: Computer Technology Research Corporation
After several years of development and marketing,Windows NT is now being accepted as a serious operating system (OS) for both desktop and server applications, including some mission-critical tasks. Systems managers and other information systems (IS) professionals are driving this trend because of a need for servers enterprise systems that are less expensive and easier to maintain than their UNIX counterparts. CTR's report analyzes the architecture, evolution, and application of Microsoft's NT OS, focusing specifically on the latest release - Windows NT 5.0. The report examines the advantages and limitations of NT 5.0 as an enterprise desktop and server platform,comparing Windows NT to UNIX and other systems. Networking, security issues, and systems administration are also addressed. Given the explosive growth in the use of Windows NT, IS professionals are now expected to understand how Windows NT fits into the corporate and enterprise computing environments. CTR's report will...