Обложка книги Windows NT in a Nutshell

Windows NT in a Nutshell

ISBN: 1565922514; 9781565922518;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Страниц: 364

Anyone who installs Windows NT, creates a user, or adds a printer is an NT system administrator (whether they realize it or not). This book organizes NT's complex 4.0 GUI interface, dialog boxes, and multitude of DOS-shell commands into an easy-to-use quick reference for anyone who uses or manages an NT system. Windows NT in a Nutshell will be as useful to the single-system home user as it will be to the administrator of a 1,000-node corporate network. This book: Presents the GUI hierarchy with callouts to provide easy-to-locate documentation of options, buttons, and dialogs Covers DOS-shell commands in great detail, since these come into increasing use by the experienced NT user when managing large and complex installations Includes an extensive index that quickly directs you to both GUI and DOS-shell methods of accomplishing a task, without requiring you to wade through unrelated material