Обложка книги Windows Xp Hints

Windows Xp Hints

ISBN: 0596006195; 9780596006198;
Издательство: Pogue Press

Windows XP can be a great tool, but it is all too easy to trip over its annoying traits more often than you leverage its productivity. Windows XP power-users troll online resources, documentation, and the expertise (or lucky finds) of friends for valuable tips and tricks--a keyboard shortcut here, an undocumented double-click there--to eliminate annoyances, save time, and take control of their Windows XP. But what if there was an easier way? This insightful and amusing book presents hundreds of amazingpower tips, cool tricks, and workarounds in one clearly organized, easy to use, and portable resource. Windows XP Power Hound gives readers useful, I didn't know that! hints for everything from the desktop to Office programs to the registry. It includes documented (but little-known) tips as well as undocumented tricks, all to make Windows XP a far richer and less frustrating experience.