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Soren Rasmussen

Managing Microsoft's Remote Installation Services

Обложка книги Managing Microsoft's Remote Installation Services

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ISBN: 1555583377, 9781555583378
Издательство: Digital Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 368
Book DescriptionBRIEF DESCRIPTION OF CONTENT: The authors have been working with Remote Installation Services since its birth in 1999. We are really enthusiastic about working with it. From their experiences from very different customers with very different requirements to their Windows infrastructure environment, they have gained a tremendous deal of experience and in-depth knowledge with Remote Installation Services that other people can benefit from. This includes basic understanding, a lot of theory and best-practices, but also how you can stretch Remote Installation Services to really do what any system or network administrator would require. This information is essential for anyone wishing to implement Remote Installation Services and use the advanced features and tools it contains. There is much more than up grades, adding and deleting programs from a central administrator that can be done In addition it can save the cost adding a costly third party software package like...