Обложка книги 3D Studio MAX 4 Advanced by OpenCAD

3D Studio MAX 4 Advanced by OpenCAD

ISBN: 1891873342;
Издательство: OpenCAD International Inc

This easy to install electronic book contains 27 step-by-step tutorials for 3DS MAX 4.0 covering: * Placing Photographed Characters into Rendered Scenes * Creating Optical Effects Using Raytraced materials * Creating Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds * Creating Particle Systems with Animated Particles * Making Humanoid Faces with NURBS and Meshes * Lofting Terrains * Using Proxy Objects and Xrefs to Reduce File Size * Linking and Animating a Knight in Armor * Simple Bones and Skinning * Creating an Assembly Line * Explosive Combustion and Bombs * Making a Clock Work * Introduction to Expression Controllers * More Advanced Expression Controllers * Physical Dynamics Calculator * Using Sunlight Systems * Special Effects with Particle Systems and Lens Effects Highlights * Creating Candle Light with Lens Effects * Animating Xray Views with Video Post * Using Hand Drawn Animation in MAX Scenes *...