Обложка книги 3D Studio Max: Building Complex Models

3D Studio Max: Building Complex Models

ISBN: 1584500298;
Издательство: Charles River Media

The 3D Studio Max application offers an array of powerful modeling tools, but the type of model and the style of tool can often make building intricate objects a real challenge. 3D Studio Max: Building Complex Models attempts to break down the process of complex modeling into digestible chunks using Max's native tools as well as third-party plug-ins. Divided into nine sections and 25 chapters, Building Complex Models opens with a short set of tutorials on how to use Max's native model-making tools, including using splines, lofting, creating compound objects, and NURBS. Other sections cover some of the more popular commercial plug-ins, an array of shareware/freeware modeling plug-ins, particle system modeling, and using Max with other applications to build or texture models. There are several notable points about this book. For one, it is not exclusive to 3D Studio Max. It includes chapters and tutorials that cover a range of programs. While this is not a bad...