Обложка книги 3ds max 5 Fundamentals

3ds max 5 Fundamentals

ISBN: 0735713189;
Издательство: New Riders

Jumpstart your quest for mastering 3ds max 5 with beginner level techniques that will apply to many aspects of 3d design. The exercises will walk you through steps that introduce and reinforce productive workflow methods for all users. The techniques focus on exciting new tools and features in 3ds max 5. 3d environment artists, whether for gaming, web content, film and television, or architecture have a responsibility to set the foundation and mood for all other aspects of 3d design. There is a plethora of books on character design and animation while the majority of jobs in the marketplace are for building environments for those few characters to exist in. This book walks you through several scenes that form a basis for learning tools, work methods, and efficient techniques that will make you a more valuable artist in a wide range of job opportunities. More experienced max users can also benefit from the fresh perspective and a focus on amazing new modeling tools, Global...