Обложка книги 3ds max 6 Animation with Character Studio 4 and Plug-Ins

3ds max 6 Animation with Character Studio 4 and Plug-Ins


ISBN: 1931769311;
Издательство: A-List Publishing
Страниц: 300

Demonstrating how to animate a character with perfect anatomy, this guide for advanced animators covers the newest release of the 3ds max animation software. Described are techniques for modeling and texturing, applying the new features of Character Studio 4, and using the Stitch plug-in and a plug-in for styling hair. Advanced biped posing and freeform walk cycles and animation are covered, and tips on skinning with Standard Skin and Physique are also provided. With the methods detailed for using the MoCap files, animators will be able to create believable characters, and an overview of the Reactor Cloth, ClothReyes, SimCloth, and Kelseus Cloth plug-ins explains the advanced features of the software. The CS capabilities for nonlinear animation are explained through the use of Motion Mixer, and additional capabilities such as Biped and 3ds max Bones, Crowd, and Motion Flow are presented.

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