Обложка книги Essentials of Adobe InDesign 2

Essentials of Adobe InDesign 2


ISBN: 1891762788;
Издательство: IconLogic, Inc.

No faster way to learn InDesign Learn InDesign the IconLogic way, using our unique "skills & drills" approach to learning. This book will have you using InDesign 2 like a professional, in just a few short days. Here is what you will learn: The InDesign Environment and Text Basics Start InDesign and Open a Document | Change Views by Zooming | Scroll by Dragging the Page | Show and Hide Palettes | View Multiple Documents | Create a New Document | Change Document Setup | Create a Text Frame | Create Graphics Frames | Resize and Move Page Elements | Customize Preferences | Create a Text Frame | Type Text Into a Text Frame | Work with Overset Text | Modify a Text Frame | Make Simple Edits | Select Text | Cut, Copy, and Paste Text | Change Character Attributes Text Formatting Place Text | Align Paragraphs | Create Multiple Columns | Set a First Line Indent | Add Paragraph Space | Set Leading | Set Paragraph Rules | Flow Text onto Multiple...