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Michel Goossens, Sebastian Rahtz, Frank Mittelbach

The LaTeX Graphics Companion: Illustrating Documents with TeX and Postscript(R)

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ISBN: 0201854694
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional
This handy reference describes techniques and tricks needed to illustrate LaTeX documents, and answers common user questions about graphics and PostScript fonts. It provides the first full description of the standard LaTeX color and graphics packages, and shows how you can combine TeX and PostScript capabilities to produce beautifully illustrated pages. Following the successful format of The LaTeX Companion , this new book is an invaluable LaTeX resource for people incorporating pictures into text. You will learn how to: incorporate graphic files into a LaTeX document, program technical diagrams using several differant languages, produce color pictures, achieve special effects with fragments of embedded PostScript, and make high-quality music scores and games diagrams. You will find detailed descriptions of: important packages like Xy-pic, PSTricks, and METAPOST; the standard LaTeX color and graphics packages; PostScript fonts and how to use them in LaTeX; the dvips dvi...