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Mike Chambers, Daniel Dura, Kevin Hoyt

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) for JavaScript Developers Pocket Guide

Обложка книги Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) for JavaScript Developers Pocket Guide

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ISBN: 0596515197, 9780596515195
Издательство: Adobe Dev Library
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 170
Written by members of the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) product team, this is the official guide to the beta release of Adobe's new cross-platform desktop runtime, previously known by its code name Apollo. This book explains how you can use AIR to build and deploy HTML and JavaScript-based web applications to the desktop, using all of the tools and technologies with which you are already familiar. Everything you need to know about this platform is right here, so you can start building applications with AIR right away. Topics include: What AIR is, and the problems this runtime aims to solve How to set up your development environment How to create your first app using HTML and JavaScript The HTML and JavaScript environments within AIR How to do common tasks, presented in the easy-to-use O'Reilly Cookbook format Also included is a guide to AIR packages, classes and command line tools. Once you understand...
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