Обложка книги The Aleph and Other Stories (Penguin Classics)

The Aleph and Other Stories (Penguin Classics)

ISBN: 0142437883;
Издательство: Penguin Classics
Страниц: 224

Book Description Full of philosophical puzzles and supernatural surprises, these stories contain some of Borges?s most fully realized human characters. With uncanny insight he takes us inside the minds of an unrepentant Nazi, an imprisoned Mayan priest, fanatical Christian theologians, a woman plotting vengeance on her father?s "killer," and a man awaiting his assassin in a Buenos Aires guest house. This volume also contains the hauntingly brief vignettes about literary imagination and personal identity collected in The Maker , which Borges wrote as failing eyesight and public fame began to undermine his sense of self.

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