Обложка книги Essentials of PowerPoint 2000

Essentials of PowerPoint 2000

ISBN: 1891762524;
Издательство: Iconlogic

This book is a powerhouse jammed-full with step-by-step lessons. There is no faster way to master PowerPoint 2000 -- anywhere, at any price! Pick up this book Monday morning, and you'll be an expert by Tuesday afternoon. PowerPoint 2000 contains the same lessons you'd learn if you went on-site to a professional training facility. Of course, you'd expect to pay nearly $600 for the course. Now you can bring the course to you... and save a bundle! Here's some of what you will learn: Create a New Presentation, Add Slides, Remove Bullets, Demote and Promote text, Use the Outlining Toolbar, Spell Check, Use AutoCorrect, Create and Use the Text Box Tool, Create and Format Lines, Create and Format Squares, Create a WordArt Image, Create an AutoShape, Insert Clip Art, Format a Picture, Crop a Picture, Ungroup a Picture, Use Graph 2000 to create a Chart, Edit the Datasheet, Change the Fill Effect for a Data Series, Change the Chart Type, Change the Number Format, Change the Number...

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