Обложка книги Flash 5 Cartooning (with CD-ROM)

Flash 5 Cartooning (with CD-ROM)

ISBN: 0764535471; 9780764535475;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 232

Flash 5 Cartooning is a stunning, full color book that reveals scores of tips and techniques for building great cartoons, regardless of your artistic experience. Everything from cartooning fundamentals to advanced Flash techniques like ActionScripting and selling your work online is covered here, in this unique guide to creating exciting Flash cartoons. Author Mark Clarkson dives deep into the key topics cartooners need to know, with an emphasis on things like interactivity, special visual and audio effects, timing (it's critical to a good joke, you know), cartoon physics, and more! A free companion CD-ROM is packed with sample cartoons from the book, additional cartooning material, and product tryouts.