Обложка книги Flash MX for Interactive Simulation

Flash MX for Interactive Simulation


ISBN: 1401812910;
Издательство: OnWord Press (Acquired Titles)

Together with its CD-ROM and companion Web site, Flash· MX for Interactive Product Simulation (www.FlashSim.com) is the first definitive package designed to lead readers to success in using Flash MX to deliver interactive product simulations for usein online- and CD-ROM-based training, promotion and prototyping. Flash MX for Interactive Product Simulation teaches a proven methodology for streamlining the planning, design, and implementation of realistic device simulations. Practical, step-by-stepexamples and working simulators demonstrate how to apply this methodology to the construction of a variety of devices, from cell phones to cranes. This tried-and-true approach will guide even the most complicated simulation project to a successful conclusion. Readers will find that their simulations are easier to program, maintain, and upgrade. The book even includes an extensive starter toolkit of interfaces objects (such as dials, gauges, timers, and knobs), implemented as Flash MX...

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