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Macromedia Flash MX for Dummies

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ISBN: 0764508954; 9780764508950;
Издательство: For Dummies
Страниц: 408

The fun and easy way to jazz up a Web site! Hands-on tips for creating buttons, animations, actions and more Make Web sites come alive with movement, sound, and interactivity ? no animation experience required! With Macromedia Flash, you can transform an ordinary Web site into an interactive showplace that'll make visitors say "wow." But how do you get the hang of all those tools and techniques? Don't worry! With this friendly reference, you'll be drawing pictures, building buttons, creating animations, adding sound, setting up actions, and more ? in a flash! All this on the bonus CD-ROM Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and FreeHand trial versions Author-created graphic shapes, designs, and images to incorporate into your own Macromedia Flash movies Plus Adobe Photoshop tryout version and SWiSH demo System requirements: PC running Windows 9x/2000/Me/XP, Windows NT 4 or later; Power Macintosh running System 8.6 or...

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