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MD Dundon

Macromedia Flash MX Production Techniques

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ISBN: 0321123980
Издательство: Pearson Education
Macromedia Flash MX Production Techniques , based on author MD Dundon's popular multimedia course curriculum, is for designers and developers who want a concept-based approach to learning production techniques for Macromedia Flash MX. You'lllearn, for example, how to optimize and build user-friendly files that work well at any bandwidth and processor speed. Unlike many Flash books on the market today, this book is designed to teach you smart Flash work habits—from the best ways to setup your desktop and organize your libraries to the nitty gritty of reducing your file size by 50 percent to the ins and outs of syncing your sound track to the visuals. Designed to be much more than a task-based exploration of the Flash program or a quick "tips and tricks" handbook, Macromedia Flash MX Production Techniques emphasizes the concepts behind using Flash, accompanied by real-world projects you can use to produce a working portfolio of Macromedia Flash-based projects....