Обложка книги Macromedia Flash MX Upgrade Essentials

Macromedia Flash MX Upgrade Essentials

Издательство: friends of Ed

This book focuses on the new and enhanced features of the new Macromedia Flash MX release. It tells you what's new, what's changed, why these things are important, and how you can use them effectively. To get quickly up to speed with the new release,you can't afford to waste time trawling through heavy manuals, extracting just the juicy upgrade information. This book will do the filtering work for you. Sham Bhangal through Flash MX with a fine-toothed comb and focus entirely on the new stuff. Flash MX Upgrade Essentials examines the changes, improvements, shortcuts and complexities, and presents them clearly in rich context, chapter by chapter. Concentrating on new and upgraded features, this book assumes you are comfortable and competent with Flash 5. By the end of this book, you will be fully familiar with all the fundamentals of Flash MX, and ready to start exploring the new technical and creative avenues it has opened up. Flash MX Upgrade Essentials offers the most...