Обложка книги ActionScript 2.0 Garage

ActionScript 2.0 Garage

ISBN: 0131484753;
Издательство: Prentice Hall PTR
Страниц: 336

Welcome to ActionScript 2.0 Garage . The goal of this book is to make learning ActionScript more fun. A lot more fun. Okay, it's not a big dream, but it's my dream. I'm not kidding. The goal of this book is to show beginning to intermediate ActionScript programmers how to take their skills to the next level and blast out some amazing code. The code samples in here are actual working chunks of code, not just-for-computer-books-but-no-one-would-EVER-use-this-in-the-real world stuff. That, and I attempted to have something of a (gasp) personality (shriek) while talking about code. I'm aiming for "helpful smart-alec" (or "chaotic good" if you're old-school). Who This Book Is For This book is for beginning to intermediate ActionScript programmers who want a quick, friendly way to get deeper into ActionScript code. If you don't know what trace() is, put this book down right now before you hurt somebody. I'm not kidding. Right now! Who This Book Isn't For Junkies. Heiresses. Shepherds. I...