Обложка книги Adobe Photoshop 7 Fast & Easy

Adobe Photoshop 7 Fast & Easy

ISBN: 1931841934;
Издательство: Muska & Lipman/Premier-Trade

While Adobe has made Photoshop increasingly easier for the beginner to create and customize professional-looking designs, users still require a guide to fully utulize Photoshop's many features. This book walks the reader through the sometimes intimidating and overwhelming feature set of Photoshop by presenting tasks in concise steps complemented by clear illustrations. Readers will learn key tasks includiing creating new images, editing images from other sources such as scanner or digital camera, adding effects, prepping images for Web use, and much more. This book presents informatino in a format that's appealing for beginning users who want clear steps for Photoshop operations and for more intermediate users who want a fast introduction to the new version of the software.

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