Обложка книги Photoshop 7 Professional Photographic Techniques

Photoshop 7 Professional Photographic Techniques

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ISBN: 159059147X;
Издательство: APress

Written by pros, including the latest features from Photoshop 7, the authors of Professional Photographic Techniques will reveal not only how to recreate darkroom techniques without turning out the lights, but also how to create images well beyond traditional barriers. Of course, you don't need to be a pro to benefit from the knowledge in these pages; this is the perfect handbook for anyone who cares about photos. Fully illustrated in color throughout, the text is organized into a series of examplesthat provides a comprehensive guide to image manipulation on Photoshop 7 - everything from the glamour of magazine retouching, through restoration work to the nitty-gritty of color reproduction. Because the authors remember the days before Photoshop existed, they can show you how to achieve chemical-free equivalents for all the old tricks as well as plenty of new ones. All these methods are revealed with before and after examples that you can actually follow and apply to your own...