Обложка книги Photoshop 7.0 A-Z: The Essential Visual Reference Guide

Photoshop 7.0 A-Z: The Essential Visual Reference Guide


ISBN: 0240519124; 9780240519128;
Издательство: Focal Press

This quick, easy reference text to Photoshop tools, menus and features is a must-have purchase for all Photoshop users: students, professionals and amateurs. It is one of a kind - giving an easily accessible visual guide to all those vital Photoshop terms. Keep it next to your computer screen as a constant reference, ready to save you hours of frustration when the meaning of that term or specific word is on the tip of your tongue. Updated to cover the latest features from Photoshop 7.0 this new edition includes many more colour images and step-by-step examples to make this an even more comprehensive guide. Its full colour images provide numerous examples which show you exactly what to expect and full details on how to achieve it. Still deciding if it's worth upgrading to Photoshop 7.0? Pete Bargh provides a unique cross-reference chart showing the different features added in each Photoshop update to help make that decision. The extra appendices also include...