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Richard Harrington

Photoshop CS for Nonlinear Editors (DV Expert Series)

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ISBN: 157820237X
Издательство: CMP Books
Nonlinear editors are increasingly expected to perform graphic design and production tasks that were traditionally assigned to specialists. Adobe Photoshop is the application of choice in this domain because of its diverse tool set and popularity with third-party developers. Photoshop, and its plethora of instructional books, is principally designed for use in print and on the Web. There are many technical nuances to master this application for moving images. Full-color presentations and hands-on tutorials demonstrate how to combine still and moving images. Fundamental concepts and techniques like transparency, pixel aspect ratio, and alpha channels are made precisely clear, and advanced techniques show how to use Photoshop as a character generator, color corrector, and animation tool. Interviews with notable guest editors and motion graphic artists, and a focus on time-efficient and automation techniques make this book a valuable resource for advanced users. The companion DVD...