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Peter Cope

The Photoshop User's Encyclopedia: Every Photoshop Term You're Ever Likely to Need, See or Use

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ISBN: 1586634607
Издательство: Friedman/Fairfax Publishing
It is the sheer size of Photoshop--that all-encompassing system universally used by designers, illustrators, and photographers-that makes it the leading application. Even professionals know only a small selection of the program's terms--so new users willalmost certainly get lost in its complexities. Here's the fix! With more than 3000 examples of lingo and over 650 color photos, this encyclopedia will guide you through the language maze. Don't have a clue about the precise phrase you're trying to find? The book's ingenious easy-to-use structure will help you track it down, anyway. After the word finder, go through terms for computing, interface, file and color management, document structure, image manipulation, imageready, web, photography, printing, and more. Plus: entries outside Photoshop's program that Photoshop users need!