Обложка книги Fantastic Four/Spider-Man Classic TPB (Fantastic Four (Graphic Novels))

Fantastic Four/Spider-Man Classic TPB (Fantastic Four (Graphic Novels))

ISBN: 0785118039;
Издательство: Marvel Comics
Страниц: 152

Book DescriptionMarvel movie stars past and present unite in a series of senses-shattering slugfests for the ages! At the dawn of the Marvel Age, Spider-Man meets the Fantastic Four and battles the Chameleon! Also featuring a battle royal with the Frightful Four, the first appearance of the future New Mutant known as Karma, and more! When comics' first family and everybody's friendly neighborhood wall-crawler get together, chaos is sure to ensue! Collects Amazing Spider-Man #1; Spectacular Spider-Man #42; Fantastic Four #218; Marvel Team-Up #100, 132-133; and Untold Tales of Spider-Man '96.

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