Обложка книги Easy Photoshop Elements 3 (Que's Easy Series)

Easy Photoshop Elements 3 (Que's Easy Series)

ISBN: 0789733307;
Издательство: Que
Страниц: 256

Book Description Sure, the digital camera you bought is great. It has a 1GB memory stick, can take short movies and fits in your pocket. But what do you do with all of the pictures you take? Easy Photoshop Elements 3 can show you how to quickly modify, print and share your digital photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3. Through step-by-step illustrated instructions, you will learn how to get the impressive results you want without a lot of fuss. You'll learn how to: Open a picture in Photoshop Elements 3. Control how tools behave when editing your pictures. Resize and print your pictures. Create a CD archive of your image files. Use effects for creative photos. Build an online photo album. So much more! Easy Photoshop Elements 3 will have you creating digital photo masterpieces and turning them into real-life works of art in no time!

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