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Jack Davis, Ben Willmore

How to Wow: Photoshop for Photography

Обложка книги How to Wow: Photoshop for Photography

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ISBN: 0321227999
Издательство: Peachpit Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 272
If winning over clients means wowing 'em with Photoshop-enhanced photos, this is the book for you! Simple step-by-step instructions equal easy, elegant solutions in this streamlined volume geared exclusively to photographers using Photoshop. Just like your favorite cookbooks--the ones with short, clear-cut instructions and mouth-watering photos of the delectable concoctions--this book identifies challenges, provides simple recipes for overcoming them, and plugs in inspirational photos of the glorious results. The authors provide enough theoretical grounding so readers can use the program effectively but leave out the tech-heavy under-the-hood discussions that represent the core of other Photoshop tomes. You'll find recipes for dealing with common workflow problems (color correction, dodging and burning, retouching), and you'll learn all the exciting photo enhancing techniques that will give your work that extra wow: tinting, softening, collaging, you name it! Along the way you'll...