Обложка книги Photoshop CS3 Photographer's Handbook: An Easy Workflow

Photoshop CS3 Photographer's Handbook: An Easy Workflow


ISBN: 1933952113;
Издательство: Rocky Nook

Photographers often feel overwhelmed when starting with Photoshop - the sheer number of tools and options make it a difficult tool to get started. Brad and Steve have created a step-by-step guide that provides a simple and effective workflow for editing photographs in Photoshop. The book includes an introduction to the basic concepts and tools needed to edit photographs in Photoshop - and then walks through a complete editing workflow. The handbook is designed to get you working quickly with Photoshop; providing the essential information for image editing and step-by-step projects for more detailed Photoshop techniques. Use the Photoshop CS3 Handbook to: Get a solid foundation towards understanding the tools and processes used to edit photographs using Photoshop CS3. Learn a practical workflow for editing images - including organizing images, clean-up, basic image editing, editing with selections and applying effects. Learn individual techniques for image editing by following...