Обложка книги Dreamweaver 3.0, Skills & Drills (The Essentials)

Dreamweaver 3.0, Skills & Drills (The Essentials)

ISBN: 1891762443;
Издательство: Iconlogic

Learn Dreamweaver 3.0 using IconLogic's critically acclaimed "skills & drills" approach. This book has been designed to quickly teach you all of the essential skills necessary to master this fantastic web page development tool. You will learn how to define sites, format text using cascading style sheets, use the new History palette, import text into a table and format tables, create templates, use libraries, create and work with online forms, create and use frames, add animation and even FTP your completed files to your internet service provider. All this... and most people will be able to finish within 2 short days (or less). The book comes with a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk that contains all of the student data files necessary to complete the book. All you need is a computer with Dreamweaver 3.0 installed, this book and a few days.

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