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Ingo Rammer

Advanced .NET Remoting in VB .NET

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ISBN: 1590590627
Издательство: APRS
With all the attention paid recently to Web services, many developers don't realize that the true successor to DCOM is actually .NET Remoting. And what an improvement it is! Advanced .NET Remoting in VB .NET is the Visual Basic edition of Ingo Rammer's bestselling Advanced .NET Remoting (C# edition). This book offers in-depth coverage of the .NET Remoting Framework in Visual Basic .NET. The first part of the book covers everything you as a developer need to know to use the framework and its capabilities in real-world applications, including the basics of server-activated objects versus client-activated objects, formatters, channels, lifetime issues, security, configuration files, and more. The server-side hosting of remotable components in console applications, Windows Services, and IIS are also covered. The second part presents .NET Remoting internals, and Ingo Rammer shows how the framework really uses message sinks and sink providers, and gives...
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