Обложка книги COM+ Programming With Visual Basic

COM+ Programming With Visual Basic

ISBN: 1565928407; 9781565928404;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Страниц: 368

There's simply no other documentation available for much of what's in COM+ Programming with Visual Basic; this book draws from the author's wide experience as a COM+ developer and instructor. Unlike other books, COM+ Programming with Visual Basic is about how the architecture works internally, so that you can go beyond what typically is done in Visual Basic. Not for beginners, this is the book for those want to know the intricacies of how COM+ really works, as well as for those who want to learn how to make COM+ components work with the upcoming Microsoft .NET architecture. Regardless of what lies ahead for .NET, many distributed systems are being built today with COM+. COM+ Programming with Visual Basic presents topics relevant to distributed applications that are here to stay. These include how to use interfaces, passing objects by reference or by value, what it means to have multithreaded applications, how declarative programming works, how to program...