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Larry Nyhoff, Sanford Leestma

FORTRAN 90 for Engineers and Scientists

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ISBN: 0135197295
Издательство: Pearson Education
Based on a best seller, this book is a complete and thorough presentation of standard Fortran 90 with special applications in science and engineering. This book emphasizes problem- solving and structured program development following basic software engineering principles. Its clear and concise presentation is perfect for readers with no previous programming experience. KEY TOPICS: 30 special Application Sections illustrate problem solving using a variety of interesting engineering andscience problems. A four-step problem-solving method is used in each application. A large number of complete programs and sample runs throughout the book illustrate basic programming concepts and demonstrate good structure and style. They are selected from a wide range of areas in engineering, math, and science. Engineers and scientists using standard Fortran 90.