Обложка книги Mobile Device Game Development (GAME DEVELOPMENT SERIES)

Mobile Device Game Development (GAME DEVELOPMENT SERIES)

ISBN: 1584503246;
Издательство: Charles River Media

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO CREATE GAMES FOR YOUR MOBILE DEVICE! Mobile Device Game Development explores game development tools and practices for the rapidly growing mobile device market. The text uses the AppForge® MobileVB SDK and Paint Shop Pro® in conjunction with Visual Basic® to create games that can be played on numerous mobile game devices(e.g., Palm, Nokia, and PocketPC). The book and companion CD-ROM include tutorials and sample games to provide the reader with hands-on experience in creating games such as slot machines, card games, baseball, children's games, and more. Also on the CD-ROM are graphics, sound effects, and source code. The book addresses specific content issues that arise when switching from a PC game programming environment to that of a smaller device, such as the creation of graphics for a small screen. Features: * Emphasizes the AppForge Visual Basic add-on tool that allows VB programmers to easily and effectively build on their past...

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