Обложка книги Programming Visual Basic .NET, 2nd Edition

Programming Visual Basic .NET, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 0596004389; 9780596004385;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates

Programming Visual Basic .NET , Second Edition is the complete guide to application development using Visual Basic .NET. Entirely rewritten by .NET expert Jesse Liberty, the new edition of this tutorial will be essential reading for the millions of Visual Basic programmers looking to make the change to Microsoft's .NET programming environment. Thorough, entertaining, and easy to follow, this book provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the language, object-oriented programming, and the .NET Framework, and goes even further--you'll learn how to create Windows and Web applications, as well as Web services. A comprehensive introduction to the Visual Basic .NET language, this new edition covers topics of greatest concern to VB6 programmerswho wish to make the transition from traditional Visual Basic 6 programming to the new object-oriented, component-based world of .NET. Loaded with practical examples for intermediate and advanced programmers, Programming Visual...

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