Обложка книги Visual Basic .NET Developer's Handbook

Visual Basic .NET Developer's Handbook


ISBN: 0782128793; 9780782128796;
Издательство: Sybex Inc
Страниц: 1008

Written by leading Visual Basic developers whose enterprise-level VB applications are used by COMPAQ, Exxon, and NASA, this book offers high-end coverage of advanced VB.NET topics. Among the topics covered are Windows Forms controls, database programmingwith ADO.NET, advanced SQL programming, multithreading, authoring custom controls and components, creating XML Web Services, and writing programs for mobile devices. The authors provide scores of practical examples to illustrate effective, elegant solutions to real-world challenges. Coauthor Evangelos Petroutsos is also the best-selling author of Mastering Visual Basic .NET and Mastering Visual Basic .NET Database Programming. The previous edition of this book for Visual Basic 6 was a best-seller, with more than 35,000 copies in print.