Обложка книги ArcView GIS Means Business

ArcView GIS Means Business

ISBN: 187910251X;
Издательство: ESRI Press

Written for business professionals, this book presents success stories chronicling the application of desktop geographic information systems (GIS) to a variety of common business problems. This is a behind-the scenes look at how some of America's most successful companies have used ArcView GIS software from ESRI to make better decisions, better serve their customers,locate new and better market opportunities and gain a competitive advantage. Ten real world case studies feature well known national firms Ace Hardware Corp., Chase Manhattan Bank, Gold Gym Enterprises, and the US Postal Service, (to name a few) and illustrate how they have applied GIS technology to a variety of business problems. These stories only hint at the vast potential of GIS in business. The included CD contains a trail copy of ArcView GIS software from ESRI, along with a comprehensive online tutorial. Don't worry - you don't need to load or learn anything to read the book. The case studies are presented...