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ISBN: 0471383783;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 272

Over 75,000 new MBAs hit the streets every year, looking for jobs that both fill the wallet and feed the soul. But with all the competition, how do you market yourself so you stand out? How do you target your job search? How can you ensure that your "dream job" doesn't become a career nightmare? In Finding Your Way with an MBA: Insights from Those Landing Their Ideal Jobs , authors and career consultants Susan Cohn and Donald Hudson present proven tips drawn from over twenty years of counseling MBAs, and offer real-world insights from fifty MBA alumni-"doers"-who have "made it" in their careers. You'll find interview hints, networking advice, resource lists, and trade secrets on leveraging your MBA to find your ideal match. Finding Your Way with an MBA challenges you to seek your true calling-to identify the most meaningful fit of career options to your talents and interests-and then to launch an aggressive marketing campaign to distinguish yourself...