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Michael Meadhra, Jan Weingarten

Lotus SmartSuite Millennium Edition for Dummies

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ISBN: 0764503537, 9780764503535
Издательство: For Dummies
Everything you could possibly ever need -- from word processing and spreadsheet software to database and graphics applications, Web publishing tools, and even a personal organizer -- is packed into this top-notch, integrated suite of computer programs. With the powerful array of Lotus programs at your fingertips, you won't be lacking anything else to turn your computer into a full-service system...except, of course, a copy of Lotus SmartSuite Millennium Edition For Dummies, your all-in-one guide to just about any Lotus computing task you can imagine. Lotus SmartSuite Millennium Edition For Dummies helps you manage your day-to-day workload at home or at the office with step-by-step coaching, clear and concise explanations, and fast and friendly tips and techniques for making the power of Lotus SmartSuite work for you. Create professional-looking letters, memos, and reports; crunch numbers to your heart's content; manage and massage huge chunks of data; create...