Обложка книги Mapping the News: Case Studies in GIS and Journalism

Mapping the News: Case Studies in GIS and Journalism

ISBN: 1589480724;
Издательство: ESRI Press

This collection of case studies shows how increasing numbers of news organizations and reporters around the country are using the computerized mapping tools of GIS technology to investigate news stories and present compelling graphics. Demonstrated is how GIS, a desktop mapping and data analysis software, lets news reporters and editors analyze and categorize data in a spatial context, producing vivid geographic patterns of cultural phenomena such as crime and racial discrimination. Documented cases reveal how GIS contributed to The Miami Herald 's Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of Hurricane Andrew; to coverage of census 2000 in Southern California; to desegregation in North Carolina schools; and to investigations into child lead poisoning, drunk driving, and ballot problems in the contested presidential election of 2000.

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