Обложка книги Mastering Autodesk VIZ 4 (With CD-ROM)

Mastering Autodesk VIZ 4 (With CD-ROM)

ISBN: 0782141323; 9780782141320;
Издательство: Sybex Books
Страниц: 896

Autodesk VIZ 4, the revamped visualization tool from the makers of AutoCAD, now includes high-end lighting features for modeling, rendering, and animating designs. This allows CAD designers to accurately portray how real-world light from multiple sourcesinteracts in the modeled environment. These "global illumination" features and a host of other improvements make this the most significant and powerful VIZ program ever. No one can bring the program's robust features to light better than George Omura, the world's best-selling CAD author. Omura, who also wrote the definitive book on 3D Studio VIZ 3, is an architect, illustrator, and animator who has worked on design projects ranging from resort hotels to the prestigious San Francisco library. His Mastering Autodesk VIZ 4 book will walk users through every step of the process -- from creating shapes and editing objects to controlling lights and cameras to creating animations. Omura uses real-world, recognizable examples so that...