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Berthold Daum

Modeling Business Objects with XML Schema

Обложка книги Modeling Business Objects with XML Schema

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ISBN: 1558608168, 9781558608160
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 350
XML Schema is the new language standard from the W3C and the new foundation for defining data in Web-based systems. There is a wealth of information available about Schemas but very little understanding of how to use this highly formal specification for creating documents. Grasping the power of Schemas means going back to the basics of documents themselves, and the semantic rules, or grammars, that define them. Written for schema designers, system architects, programmers, and document authors, Modeling Business Objects with XML Schema guides you through understanding Schemas from the basic concepts, type systems, type derivation, inheritance, namespace handling, through advanced concepts in schema design. *Reviews basic XML syntax and the Schema recommendation in detail. *Builds a knowledge base model step by step (about jazz music) that is used throughout the book. *Discusses Schema design in large environments, best practice design patterns, and Schema's relation...